Praise for
Noelle’s Work


I LOVED “Reversing Writer’s Guilt”! I didn’t realize how caught up I was in being the “ideal wife, mother and daughter. I’ve read [Julia] Cameron [The Artist’s Way], but there’s something about the way you presented the dilemma that really resonated with me. I’ve even found writing from my manuscript to be part story and part grocery lists! I’m going back to my manuscript now, and as I remember the quote from your friend on how useful words are, I’m feeling free and unfettered. Brilliant job.
–Denise Bouchard, Assistant Editor, The Write Place At the Write Time

“Train Your Pet Words” should be required reading for ALL writers.
–A.M.M., Working Writer

Sometimes we need a cheerleader in our corner, one who will say, “You can do this. Just put yourself back in front of that computer and WRITE!” Well, actually, you say, that’s easier said than done. So, here is yet another list of tips on the topic [“When You’re Not in the Mood to Write”], expertly crafted by Noelle Sterne.
Kathryn Long, author, educator, blogger

“. . . unlike hairlines, our creative desires don’t recede with age.” [“Too Late for Your Dream?”]
Love this line. Now to keep reminding myself of the greater truth you have stated: We can fulfill our dreams at any stage of life. It is never too late.

The pieces are wonderful for new and veteran writers! [“Interview Series on the Business of Writing,” Inscribing Industry].
— Nicole M. Bouchard, editor-in-chief of The Write Place At the Write Time literary journal; author/editor of Inscribing Industry

I just wanted to tell you what a great addition Dr. Sterne’s column is to the newsletter [“The Constant Pen,” Seasons for Writing]. Thanks to you for finding her, and thanks to her for being willing to share her expertise with us.
— Margaret Davidson, author