Praise for
Trust Your Life

Noelle Sterne’s Trust Your Life is a great contribution to answering the need to release the creative wonders that are locked up untapped in the souls of so many people. Reading her book, I found myself even after years of a successful career looking at a couple of “bottled up” desires within myself. I was inspired not to miss the joy of expressing them in this lifetime.
Noelle writes in a clear, interesting manner and supports her ideas with real-life examples that enrich her thoughts. She has given us an outstanding guide on how to “trust our lives”! For probably 90% of the human race this is a must read!
–Rev. Phillip M. Pierson, former Vice President, Unity Institute and Seminary

If you want platitudes, go elsewhere. If you want coddling, skip this. If you want airy-fairy, not here. If you want practical, specific and challenging guidance and exercises to help you achieve what you want to achieve, step right this way. Noelle Sterne uses concrete, practical, pragmatic exercises, and powerful turn-by-turn directions —lovingly and gently—to help you navigate around self-created roadblocks that are obstructing the road to your desired destination.
–Steve Marshall Cohen, business development executive, novelist, screenwriter

This book gives you the opportunity to be still and silent, to get to know your inner self, and to hear in a way you have never heard before.
You will find that you can make new discoveries through seeing and believing the truthfulness of your dreams and realizing it is never too late to listen to yourself, your inner spirit, or your guide.
Dr. Sterne has showed us how to forgive others and especially ourselves as we find a new freedom of living, loving, and satisfaction.
–Rev. Patricia A. Wilson-Cone, PhD, ACPE, AAPC, APC, Director, Pastoral Care Services and Clinical Pastoral Education, Lieutenant Colonel, U. S. Army Reserve, Chaplain

In this age when it’s fashionable to blame everything on your past, it’s refreshing to find a book that demonstrates how your past—no matter how dreadful—made you the wonderful person you are today and holds the key to the future you’ve always dreamed of.
The book is for readers of all ages and challenges the stereotypes about aging.
I am giving a copy to my very sharp 87-year-old relative to show her that “getting old” doesn’t mean coming to the end of one’s “useful” life.
–Moira Allen, author of Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer and publisher and editor of Writing World

 A 2011 Unity bestselling ebook