Praise for
Trust Your Life

Just bought your book. Scanning the Table of Contents before I give myself more time to read, I can see how helpful it will be. Can’t wait to plunge in!
–Mari L. McCarthy, Journaling Therapy Specialist
Noelle Sterne’s interactive, conversational tone engages readers. She puts them at ease as she authoritatively guides them through intelligent musings and perceptions on topics that are in other works often only vaguely defined, such as “creativity” and “spirituality.”
I look forward to exploring more deeply the philosophies of Trust Your Life with such a capable author, who, time and again, has earned the faith of her readers.
–Nicole M. Bouchard, editor-in-chief, The Write Place At the Write Time
After reading Trust Your Life, I must say I wish I had this book 30 years ago when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Although I’ve been quite successful in military service and in the corporate world, my real dream in life was to pursue a career in the motion picture industry.
With Trust Your Life, I realize it is never too late. Now I intend to take those first crucial steps: research and a class at a nearby university in film and motion pictures.
–Richard E. Talley, EdD, Colonel, Ret., U.S. Army. Former Vice President, Strategic Initiatives and Communications, National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Vice President, Development and Public Affairs, Army Historical Foundation National Museum