Many graduate students look forward to writing their dissertation. They have done their research, they have something to say, and they want to move on with their careers. In some cases they already have published scholarly articles in collaboration with their thesis advisors, and they feel confident of their writing skills.

Other students look at the prospect of writing their dissertation with dread. They may be uncertain of their research results and may be working for a thesis advisor who is busy with his or her own research and has little time to provide proper advice and support.

Or they may be bogged down with family and work obligations if they have been pursuing their degree on a part-time basis.

In an era when formal written communication is becoming a lost art, they may be unsure of their writing skills. Some may not fear writing the dissertation as much as its final completion and the inevitable oral examination by a less than charitable thesis committee.

Dr. Sterne’s book offers practical advice and solace to anyone who is in the midst of or is starting the process of writing a dissertation.

Some will need only to read a few chapters to get the advice that they need, and others will want to read the book from cover to cover before starting or during the creation.

In either case, they will find Dr. Sterne’s advice extremely valuable as they progress to dissertation completion.

Dr. Mark H. Shapiro

Retired educator, author, physicist

Editor/Publisher of The Irasicible Professor  emagazine