My dissertation journey took nearly a decade and was fraught with many bumps and detours on the road.

As the studious, committed learner that I am, I completed all program requirements in record time and read many scholarly sources, mostly prescribed guidelines to dissertation writing. They were useful, but they were also devoid of the covert underpinnings, which often impede progress for many a doctoral student.

I had unresolved spiritual and emotional issues I needed to confront before concluding my dissertation. It was only when I met and spoke with Dr. Noelle Sterne that I experienced the epiphany that catapulted me to success.

Her counsel and carefully crafted tutorial material allowed me to believe in myself in spite of many hurdles encountered along the way.

Through a faith-driven process, I was able to connect all the dots sensibly and logically.

When I finally defended my work, I felt as though I was wearing armor and was that ready for the battle. Supporting me, intangibly, was Dr. Sterne’s invaluable guidance.

It is this kind of support and guidance she brings into Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation.

I recommend this book unreservedly to any doctoral student wrestling with the many issues that may stand in the way of completing the dissertation.

Ariel C. Gil, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Write-to-Learn Program

Alvah H. Chapman, Jr., Graduate School of Business

Florida International University

Miami, FL