In her user-friendly book, Challenges in Writing Your Dissertation: Coping with the Emotional, Interpersonal, and Spiritual Struggles, Dr. Noelle Sterne offers the doctoral student an immensely practical and affirming guide to bringing the whole being to the dissertation process.

She recognizes that a student’s emotional-spiritual connection to the goal provides the jet fuel that propels the project to the finish line.

Dr. Sterne addresses the familiar dissertation issues (such as topic selection, time management, outlines, and dissertation committees) with new insights.

More importantly, she addresses the generally neglected spiritual aspects of listening to inner guidance, affirming the dream and one’s competence in achieving it, and honoring whole-person growth along the way. 

The spiritual perspective and accessibility make this an important addition to the books on dissertation-writing.

With both incisive wit and wisdom, Dr. Sterne brings meaning to the process as well as sound guidance for reaching the goal.

Her deep experience, cautionary tales, and sound advice ease the doctoral candidate’s process of grappling with all aspects of personal and academic life in support of successful completion of the dissertation journey.

Carolyn Atkinson, RN, PhD

Dean of Doctoral Studies, Ret.

Wisdom School of Graduate Studies

Ubiquity University

Mill Valley, CA