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Founded by a PhD in counseling psychology. Site offers psychological, spiritual, and inspirational articles, interviews, reviews.  Open to many ways of thinking.

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Scholarly Journals Peer Reviewer: 2021-Present

Reviewed several papers in 2021. Glad to offer critiques, expertise, and guidance for scholarly authors to increase the value of their work and help them publish in peer-reviewed journals.

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2017-2019, 2021-2022 

For writers of every genre, this blog offers insights, practical help, and motivation . Devoted to literature and writing in a broad sense. Publishes thoughtful and unique conversations about grammar, writing, prose styles, poetry, literary genres, writing advice, and the publishing industry. Also promotes other sites to  enhance the education of writers.

Welcomes contributions of many types.

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This organization offers insights and advice for dissertation writers and others about the vicissitudes of the dissertation journey , writing, publishing, and the academic landscape.

A wonderful site for textbook writers, doctoral candidates, professors,  scholars, industry professionals. Many resources, and helps, free and otherwise–articles, webinars, books, booklets.

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This is a monthly self-help, spiritually oriented magazine, available in print and pdf. Articles are excellent for helping us with practical and metaphysical solutions to many of life’s problems.

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Authors’ Blog: 2013-2014

Author Magazine Banner 1.14

My blog appeared in Author Magazine (www.authormagazine.org), sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association.

After publishing an article in Author magazine, in the spring of 2013 I was invited by the editor to contribute to a new feature, Authors’ Blog. In this feature, we discussed and reflected on our writing lives. For me,  the intertwined topics were writing, spirituality, and life balance.

The other four invited bloggers were all on the West Coast; I was the only East Coast interloper. My blog appeared on odd Wednesdays of each month (no reflection on the content).

Unfortunately, the Authors’ Blog is no longer accessible, but below you can read some of my blogs.

Your comments are welcome!

Quantum Writing, January 1, 2014

Sinatra in the Cuisinery, September 11, 2013

Linearity Versus Creativity, August 7, 2013

Creativity and Spirituality, May 15, 2013

Other Guest Blogs


The Writing Mentor I Never Met. ReadLearnWrite, Sept. 27, 2012

5 Power Tools for Smashing Mini-Blocks. Creative Writing Institute, Writing Tips, April 18, 2012.

10 Ways to Reconnect With Your Writing Core. The “Roar” Series Presents Noelle Sterne.” Pen and Prosper, March 15, 2012.

Creativity Blocked? Here’s the Solution. Write to Done, March 1, 2012.


Book Review of C. Hamlett’s Screenwriting for Teens. Pen and Prosper, October 5, 2011.

Check Those Guidelines! Pen and Prosper, August 10, 2011.


Guest editorial. Reconnect With Your Writing Core. Children’s Book Insider, July
2007, p. 6.

      Readers’ Comments on Guest Blogs 

Twitter Comments on “The Writing Mentor I Never Met”:

  • A “thank you” to those who have encouraged us along the way is so uplifting!
  •  It’s just one of those posts that must be shared.
  • This was a wonderful piece. I savored every word. Thank you.
  • Author pens powerful tribute to the writing mentor she “never met.” Must read via @readlearnwritehttp://goo.gl/fb/fNwbu 

Just now finished the March/April issue [of Working Writer] and must tell you how impressed I am with the lead piece by Noelle Sterne [“Five Power Tools for Smashing Mini-Blocks”]. She has lots of good stuff to tell us and relates everything with skillful writing: strong verbs, specific nouns, and a minimum of adverbs and adjectives. She draws us in at the beginning and we never stop paying attention.

       –Mary Beth Lundgren, Cape Coral, FL Author, Love Sara; Seven Scary Monsters

Hurry over [to Pen & Prosper] for some great advice for writers. Jennifer Brown Banks has a guest, Noelle Sterne, whose advice is spot on [“10 Ways to Reconnect With Your Writing Core”].

Linda O’Connell, author, teacher, Write from the Heart; author of many stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Not only is the topic timely and valuable [“Creativity Blocked? Here’s the Solution” in WritetoDone], your writing is lyrical, arresting and immediately absorbing.

–Leslie Miller, freelance writer, editor, ghost Pen-For-Hire.comAWritersQuery.wordpress.com

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