The Work

  • Listen to you.
  • Offer no judgments.
  • Suggest methods by which you can feel better immediately.
  • Support your greatness.
  • Support your positive thrust.
  • Help you see that your past decisions and experiences have not been terrible mistakes or wasted.
  • Support you in asserting and fashioning the dreams you most cherish.
  • Guide you in applying universal spiritual principles and methods to anything you throw at me.

My Goals for You

  • To help you feel better—now.
  • To help you resolve what’s bothering you.
  • To help you learn methods to consistently feel better.
  • To help you use your past for present greater fulfillment.
  • To help you recognize that the spiritual is within you, yearning to be used.
  • To help you accept your spiritual nature and know you can access and turn to your Inner Self at any moment for all answers and love.

Methods and Fees

  • By phone, email, visits as applicable, whatever is convenient and most nurturing.
  • All services are private, confidential, highly individualized, and of a dedicated and close nature.
  • Fees are individualized based on the time agreed on per session and number of sessions.


I realized the lifelong impact that you have on my work and life. It goes far beyond the actual writing of the dissertation. I am a better scholar, professor, and person. I have learned much. Thank you!

–K. R., professor


You are so dedicated to making our dreams a reality that sometimes we forget to say thanks. This is a note of thanks and appreciation for your continuing drive to see others’ goals met.

–C. J., administrator


Waiting in a doctor’s office and worrying about what the visit would yield, I flipped through your book. I’d read it before, but now your words once again gave me peace.

        —D. B., writer

You have been a true blessing in my life. Thank you for accepting me for who I am and who God said I will be. Keep allowing God to use you in motivating those He has placed in your life, because we do need you. You are truly the “Paul” for all of us needing inspirational and professional insight. It was a must that you came into our lives, especially mine! It is my prayer that we will continue our relationship infinitely.

                   –M. C., healthcare professional


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