Noelle offers her experience, wisdom, discernment, and acceptance . . .

                      Academic Projects

I realize that though I accepted this prestigious degree as an individual, I did not achieve it alone. You, Dr. Sterne, were my principal supporter. Your work as my dissertation coach was invaluable. Your knowledge and expertise in academic writing and research are above reproach. Not only did you support me as an academic coach, but also as a spiritual guide as well. You helped me to know without doubting that with God all things are possible.
You were with me in spirit at each juncture and milestone of my dissertation journey and quietly cheered me on. Thank you for your expertise and your guidance. I pray that you will continue to make such a profound difference in the lives of graduate students. Eleanor Roosevelt said. “Nothing could stop me but inaction, lack of imagination, lack of courage, and lack of trained knowledge.” Dr. Sterne, like Mrs. Roosevelt, you lack none of these, and you use them all to assist others. I love and applaud you for the honorable work you do.
            –Dr. V. R., Educator, Florida

               Creative Projects

I followed your advice—to write for fifteen minutes a day. And now I have one book and I’m working on my second!
           –M. D., novelist

                  Spiritual Counseling

I always tell people about you. I had no idea of the many valuable lessons I would gain.
           –K. J., real estate agent