The Work

  • Guidance, structuring, synergistic collaboration, idea generating, editing, gentle and uncompromising critiques.
  • Help wherever you may be stuck—idea stage, start, middle, near-end, agonizing final editing.
  • Fiction: novels, novellas, stories, screenplays.
  • Nonfiction: memoirs, essays, biographies, creative nonfiction.
  • Poetry: traditional forms, rhymed, free verse.
  • Promotion, public relations: market targeting, copy generating, tired copy rejuvenating, out-of-the-margins idea generating and expressing.
  • Any other genre you dream up.

My Goals for You

  • To help you release your creative splendor.
  • To help you gain the confidence in your talents.
  • To help you bring out what you know is in you.
  • To help you work on your project regularly and with supreme dedication.
  • To help you develop your own voice and produce the best work possible.
  • To help you reach the recognition and success you deserve.

Methods and Fees

  • By phone, email, visits as applicable and convenient.
  • All services are private, confidential, highly individualized, and of a dedicated and close nature. No subcontracting.
  • Fees are individualized based on the nature, scope, size, timeline of project.


Creative people often need two things: permission to follow their dreams, and directions for getting out of their own way. Noelle Sterne delivers both in a clear, positive, compassionate guide.

                                        –Laura Backes, publisher, Children’s Book Insider


The title [Trust Your Life] alone helped strengthen my resolve to take the leap of faith to leave my day job to pursue my art full-time. Thanks for the work you do to help others follow their bliss—it sounds like you’re doing great work in the world.

–J. H., professional artist


I feel encouraged by your words. I like the thought that I should write for a fixed while every day. I shall follow the routine and see where it takes me. Whenever I write I shall remember you.

I have not taken this matter seriously so far mainly because I know that I don’t make the grade. The feeling has been that even if I write how many would like to read it anyway? But now I see things with a small difference. Your mail was a message from the blue, and through you life is telling me to write.

Pardon my late replies and please continue to encourage me.

–S. B., author, blogger

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