* No More Excuses–Start Writing Now!

If you are an aspiring or beginning writer and yearn to write and know you have much to say, but somehow never     get to it, this workshop is for you. With many exercises (yes, you will write), this interactive workshop can help you get started, continue, and keep at it.

Topics Include:

• Why Do I Want to Write?

•  How to Start and Keep the Writing Habit

•  Conquer That Ol’ Demon Doubt

•  Meditation and Affirmations

•  Your Inner Answers


* I Remember . . . Writing My Memoir

•  Crave to write a memoir? But you’re confused and doubtful?

•  In this interactive workshop, we will distinguish between autobiography and memoir.

•  You will clarify why you are writing a memoir.

•   I will help you tackle and complete your memoir toward your goals and greatest satisfaction.


* So Much to Write, So Little Time

•  Are you having trouble choosing what to write and what to complete?

•  Do you feel overwhelmed with all your ideas, notes, and files?

•  This interactive workshop will help you decide where to focus your writing and complete.


*  How Do I Get a Book Publisher?

•  Congratulations! You’ve finished your manuscript!

•  Now what?

 •  This interactive workshop will delve into the mysteries of agents and publishers for your                                      full-length work, including self-publishing, and publication of your short pieces.

 •  You will learn the specific steps needed toward your publishing success. 


                                  Other topics can be arranged for your needs.



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