•       What did the mother and father dinosaur say when they looked at their dinosaur egg?
    •                              “This could be the start of something big!”


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. . . the dinosaur jokes are the kind children enjoy . . .

School Library Journal

. . . loaded with puns (cutely illustrated) your children will get a kick out of . . .

–Manchester, NH, Union Leader

Sterne . . . has dreamed up a gaggle of gags her young audience will adore.

Publishers Weekly

Featured on “Digging Up Dinosaurs,” PBS Reading Rainbow, host LeVar Burton.
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  • New York, NY: Thomas Y. Crowell/HarperCollins
  • ISBN-10: 006443043X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0064430432

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                      A Few Gigantically Groanworthy Riddles

  • What did the mother dinosaur say when she saw her child’s room?

    “What a mess-ozoic!”

  • Why wouldn’t you want a dinosaur to help bring your furniture into your new home?

    Because he’s probably a slow mover.

  • How did the dinosaur senator always get his bills passed?

    By throwing his weight around.

  • What did the dinosaur say when she bought a new book?

    “I can really sink my teeth into this!”

  •  What did the fossil scientist say to the dinosaur?

    “Dig you later!”