• The Moment I Knew: Reflections from Women on Life’s Defining Moments
      • Terri Spahr Nelson, Editor
      • Oxford, OH: Sugati Publications
      • ISBN: 978-0-9825806-2-2

The publisher is donating a significant portion of the profits from the sale of this book to three charities that assist women: Women’s Microfinance Initiative, the Nurse-Family Partnership Program, and Women Writing for (a) Change.


The Moment I Knew presents insightful accounts of experiences and events in women’s lives that offer readers the opportunity

  • to make a connection,
  • to engage in reflection, and
  • to discover that even in the most challenging of circumstances, understanding and peace can be found.

Among the many perceptive and moving pieces is Noelle Sterne’s essay, “Birthday Wish.”

Loved this one. Clear, emotional, but not sappy. Good all around. Well written, follows a clear transformative path. I really got something out of this writer’s journey through her parents’ dynamic. Wow! One of my favorites so far. . . . Great writing.

–Reviewer/judge for “Birthday Wish”

                An Excerpt

Shortly after my divorce, in the lingering details of final separation, I went to the basement of the now-for-sale house to get my last cartons. . . . Files of half-finished manuscripts rested there, waiting for resuscitation. . . . but my eye caught a box marked “Mom.”

I recognized my mother’s handwriting. . . .

April 5
Many happy birthdays, Darling.

Darling? Were these the parents I knew? She’d never called him that in all the years of my growing up. . . .

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