Praise for
Trust Your Life


Great job on the radio today.
–Steve Marshall Cohen, Business Development Executive, Author

I have read Dr. Noelle Sterne’s Trust Your Life with enormous interest and profit. She imparts both practical and professional motivational advice in the voice of a good friend personally concerned about the reader’s well-being. She also freely notes her own mistakes in earlier periods of her life and demonstrates palpable empathy with the concerns of her readers. The book is unusually replete with examples that illustrate the value of the advice that she is offering.

Dr. Sterne stresses the importance of listening to our “inner voice” and acknowledging the fact that we create our own reality through the force of our decisions. At the same time, she makes it clear that it is never too late to activate our slumbering goals or dreams and make them a part of our reality.

I particularly liked her emphasis on the importance of ridding ourselves of anger and forgiving not only those who may have brought pain or hardship into our lives but also forgiving ourselves for the mistakes that we may have made in the past. In short, I recommend Trust Your Life highly for anyone looking for a wise, sympathetic, and professional life counselor.
–Dr. David L. Arnett, Author, Messengers

Special Review of Trust Your Life

by Aaron Lazar, 2012